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Took me a few attempts before I realised my headphones were on backwards. But as the owner of a hyperactive imagination, I friggin' love the graphics in this game. Cutscenes are okay, but the in-fight graphics beat next-gen to the ground.

Trying to create the concept of a blind man is awesome, but I feel like I don't know what my arms and legs are doing.

Do I build momentum when I turn, or do I just move a set number of degrees per second?

Do I need to hold down the button to shield, or is a tap doing it?

Currently stuck at the archers, and it's getting tiresome. I can get through the arrows nine times out of ten, but I've not managed to deal with the daggers properly. And since I have to sit through 8 arrows to even get to the dagger part, it's tiresome. Wolves were certainly the most fun so far.

Feedback would also be nice - knowing where you got hit when you died. It'd help you learn to improve.

I actually disagree with the wanting of a tutorial, I just want to feel like I'm blind rather than blind and numb.

With masses of respect for such a unique concept- not explaining the rules of your game is not the same as 'spoon-feeding' every button-press, and doesn't make it more hardcore.

All I'd want is a top-down view of what my character looks like when I press certain buttons, as a thing that I can view on a single subscreen when on the level select.

But yeah, nitpicking aside, I love the concept. Hope you listen to your fans and don't just shun the requests for a bit more explanation. If it's at all possible, with the game already out the door, that is.

(I'd love to see a sequel. :D)

Evil-Dog responds:

Not sure what I'd have to explain, you can attack, you can block, you can turn, what else do you need? anything else would be explaining what you have to do to defeat them instead of letting people figure that out. It seems pretty basic that attacks are coming and you have to block them, and it seems pretty basic that attacking might not kill a particular enemy if you don't do it at the right time.
One thing that's changing in the next version is based on a good feedback someone said, we're changing the word block for parry, which indeed makes more sense in the game.

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